Hi !

My name is Benjamin Huguenin. I am a video game developer who just finished my studies at HEAJ. I worked on Major Hyperdrift League.

I have knowledge in shader programming (CG mainly, but know about HSLS), C++, C# and some Lua. I know fragment shaders, vertex shader, geometry shader, compute shaders, and have basic knowledge of hull and domain shader. I love working on shaders for a wide variety of effects, like noise generation, procedural geometry, animated shaders, etc…

Other than that, I like prototyping a wide variety of features and see how things work, like ways to handle Game States, Quadtree, Behavior trees, data parsing, etc… Even if it doesn’t necessary end with them being used in side projects, it helps understand how¬†current games are running and how features are implemented. In the end, it helps to have an idea of how different projects works, and see how things interact between each other.

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