FileBrowser 2.0


Hi !

Recently, I have been working on an update for the file browser I have on the Asset Store. And this one is a big update :

– Full rework of the code and the UI.
– You can now save files and select folders.
– Module system : simply drag and drop the features you need.
– Mobile support : finally !
– Cross platform thumbnails : should now work on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Mobile targets MIGHT NOT support it, as thumbnails are created on the fly, and as such the work load might be too much.

Of course, features of the previous release are still here :

– Bookmark system.
– Folder and file management : Create, delete, rename, and move files and folders.
– Sorting options by name, date, or type.
– Filter files by extension and easily add new filters.
– Thumbnails display for the jpeg and png files.
– A search tool, so you can easily find any file.
– An history system, to go back to the folder you previously visited.

So if you want your users to select and save files and folders at runtime with a fully customizable UI, this is the solution you need !

FileBrowwer2.0 on the Asset Store

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