My team : Orbital Shark

Hi everyone !

As you could see in my recent post about Major Hyperdrift League, I am working on a game. We are a team of five, for three artists and two developers (including myself). Here is an overview of the team :

The Artists :

Alexandre Marbaix : He is one of the two hard surface artists of the team. He mainly worked on the ships, from 3d modeling to texturing. He also managed the administrative part of the project, and he currently is our team leader at Dare To Be Digital. Please take some time to check out his portfolio !

Antoine Dupuis : He was the environment artist of the game, and he also managed the graphical part of the UI. He did a really good job, and he is even better as a character artist. Check it out here.

Thomas Datoussaïd : The second hard surface artist of the team. He managed the environment for the houses, pipes, piston, drones, etc… He worked in close relation with Alexandre on the customization room. Check him out here !

The developers :

Boris Marcandella : One of the two developers, he managed the front end of the game, including the gameplay, the AI and SFX and VFX integration. Take a look at his profile here.

Benjamin Huguenin : Me. I managed the back end of the game, including the save system, the customization, the menus, the multiplayer and the input management. I also worked on the set up of the betting app, with the help of Antoine François for the development of the API. Check him out here.

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